THE ALGONQUIN HILLS IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION COMMON INTEREST PROPERTY 830' BEACH BOAT LAUNCH NATURE WALK VENETIAN CHANNELS PARKS RIVERSIDE PICNIC LOT IS FOR YOU TO USE AND ENJOY Courtesy of ALGONQUIN HILLS IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION CELEBRATING ITS SIXTIETH ANNIVERSARY YEAR In March of 1926, the Algonquin Hills developer placed into trust several parks, three Venetian channels, two river access lots (walks), and a beach. The Trust Agreement between Frank E. Merrill & Co., and Northern Trust Land Bank reserved these properties for the exclusive use of all lot owners in the Algonquin Hills Subdivision, Units 1-5, and is recorded in the McHenry County Recorder's Book of Plats #5, p.71. Unit 5 has since been vacated. In l928 Pioneer Park was dedicated to the Village of Algonquin by Mr. Merrill (Plat Book #6). An early developer's map indicate that these properties are to be preserved "FOR ALL TIME". It is interesting to note that this map depicts a fountain right in the middle of Lowe Drive, and piers in the center channel held for the exclusive use of all lot owners. (Trust Agreement #6478, Northern Trust Bank, 50, S. LaSalle, Chicago, Il.) On March 24, l937, the ALGONQUIN HILLS IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION OF ALGONQUIN IL., was incorporated with the State of Illinois. (File # N2505-918-2). On September 1, l938, the name was changed to ALGONQUIN HILLS IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION, INC. The not for profit corporation was dissolved on December 1, l976, for failure to file annual reports. Due to the efforts of Mr. Jim Rice and others, it was reinstated on May 22, l986 and remains in good standing with the State of Illinois. It must be noted that although for a short period of time the corporation suffered under dissolution, the ALGONQUIN HILLS IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION HAS REMAINED A VIABLE ENTITY FOR SIXTY YEARS. The purpose of the Association, as stated on the original articles of incorporation is for "NEIGHBORHOOD AND COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT, and charitable purposes." Throughout its long history A.H.I.A. has remained a pro-active civic organization dedicated to neighborhood and community improvement as well as the preservation and protection of all the common interest properties. Some of the services provide by A.H.I.A include: Neighborhood Watch: AHIA participated in founding one of the first Neighborhood Watch Programs in the Village of Algonquin. AHIA hosted Algonquin's first COMMUNITIES AGAINST GANGS presentation at the annual picnic. The program also included presentations by DARE Officers and self defense experts. AHIA petitioned for and received a Stop Sign at the corner of Harrison and Wildwood. The Algonquin Township Highway Department recognizes AHIA as the only administrative entity through which it will provide monetary allotments of gravel and grading services in order to maintain several non-dedicated roadways in the subdivision. Without the efforts of AHIA, these allotments would not be granted. By virtue of lot ownership all residents in the Algonquin Hills Subdivision are members of AHIA with full voting rights. The $30.00 yearly dues are voluntary. The AHIA Directors meet at the Algonquin Area Library the fourth Thursday of each month and all members are encouraged to attend. The meetings are advertised at the Library, on a bulletin board on N. Harrison, as well as through the local newspapers and Cable Television. THE BEACH is 830' long by 7' X 38'wide, depending on the height of the river. It spans the distance between Melvina Ct. and Wildwood. Access is through the AHIA picnic lot, the boat launch or the nature trail. WOODCHUCK WALK, the nature trail is 20'wide and goes from the corner of Lowe Dr. and Wildwood to the river. THE BOAT LAUNCH is at the foot of Melvina Ct. on Lowe Dr. A user fee is required. Please contact the Harbor Master or the Boat Launch Committee. THE AHIA PICNIC LOT is located at 1335 Lowe Drive. There are picnic tables, Bar-B-Q's and trash containers. The lot sports a sandy beach and a fire pit. Pavilions are available upon request. Dues paying members may reserve the lot for group functions. THREE VENETIAN CHANNELS may be found between the river and N. Harrison. In a cooperative effort between Fox Waterways, adjacent homeowners and AHIA, the channels were recently cleaned out and dredged. A foot-bridge project is the next step in this neighborhood improvement. PARKS: PIONEER PARK was dedicated to the Village of Algonquin in 1928. It contains a small amount of playground equipment. With much efforts from the parks sub committee, we are soon to receive a very large park improvement. COMMON INTEREST Parks: include a 40.5' wide parcel from N.Harrison to the channel between lots 4 & 11 in block 31, and a 45'wide parcel from N. Harrison to the channel between lots 3 & 12 in block 30. For further information contact: ALGONQUIN HILLS IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION P.O. BOX 594 ALGONQUIN, IL 60102